On top of the down payment you also have additional closing costs:

  • Home Inspection: almost all offers will have a home inspection contingency, to make sure you know the property is in good condition. Depending on size and type of property. A professional home inspection with a licensed home inspector will cost about $500 for a single family home. We have great inspectors we can recommend.
  • Appraisal: while the bank is ordering the appraisal to verify that you are not over-paying for your loan, they will ask you to pay for it. Typically about $400
  • Fee’s and closing costs: your lender will provide a worksheet for those. These can vary from lender to lender. Sometimes lenders with super-low rates will have higher fees.

You should also consider the expenses you will have after closing:

  • moving expenses
  • expenses for new furniture or equipment, like appliances or a lawn mower
  • remodeling and upgrades