Why is Buying a House so Hard – Milwaukee 2021: Crisis, Crash or Bubble?

(Transcription Below) You have to admit, as consumers in the US, we are pretty spoiled. Whenever we want something, we expect an abundance of choices readily available. And of course, when we’re shopping around for the best deal and the highest discount because who would ever pay full sticker price, right? That’s how it works. […]

Real Estate Market Update (Milwaukee) – April 2021

(Transcription Below) Welcome back to another real estate market update for the Greater Milwaukee area, this time for April, 2021. Traditionally speaking, real estate market updates are not that exciting because nothing ever happens in the real estate market. But in 2021, we definitely cannot complain about that. We have lots of things to talk […]

Moving to Milwaukee – Real Estate Prices: from Starter Home to Ultra Luxury

(Transcription Below) If you have been thinking about moving to Milwaukee and you have heard that real estate is relatively affordable here, but you don’t have a good handle of how much house you can buy for your money, then this video is for you. Milwaukee is becoming more popular, and realistic prices have been […]

Cost of Living in Milwaukee Wisconsin

(Transcription Below) There are a number of reasons why people are moving to Milwaukee and when I asked my past relocation clients, they will usually say something like, they visited, they really liked the vibe, and they think Milwaukee is getting kind of cool. And it’s true, Milwaukee has been changing a lot over the […]

Winter in Milwaukee Wisconsin

(Transcription Below) So you’re thinking about moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and you’re doing your research… You have heard about the low cost of living, how friendly the people are, and how cool of a city Milwaukee has become. But, you also heard about the Milwaukee winters. So how bad is it really? I can tell […]

How to Rent Out a Duplex / Apartment – House Hacking in Milwaukee, Part 5

(Transcription Below) Welcome back to chapter number five of our series about house hacking in Milwaukee. Today, we’re covering everything that you need to know in order to become a successful landlord. In the previous chapters, we spoke about what is house hacking, what are the different strategies, what are the different types of properties, […]

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